PC Game Mods That You Can Try Out

The actual appeal of playing a game on a PC is that, owing to mods, devoted fans may enhance your overall enjoyment.

We thought it only fair to put 12 of the best mods here as some of them are so thorough that they essentially make the source game into a completely other game.

We’ve chosen to only include mods that produce a considerably new experience, whether it be in the form of a “complete conversion” or innovations that fundamentally alter (or fix) a game, due to the nature of these lists we do—highlighting the very finest titles on key platforms. While it’s excellent for players/fans of the game if a mod simply modifies features or adds stuff, it doesn’t merit a mention on a standalone list like this.

White Mesa

A mod that’s so fantastic it shouldn’t even be considered. Actually, it plays and feels like a standalone game that you would buy for $50. Yet hey, it’s not; it’s a mod, and a free one at that; one that was laboriously created but proved to be well worth the wait.

A Good Match For: People who have heard about how wonderful Half-Life is but were unable to enjoy the original because of its… antiquity.

An entirely fresh experience is not for those who want it. It may appear fresh, yet Half-Life remains the same. Kids, there isn’t any sticky cover or healing regeneration Pastebin for Roblox.


DayZ is one of the success stories of 2012 and a rare instance in which a mod not only enhances a game but also produces a brand-new experience that teaches full games a thing or two about design. What else needs to be said? The ArmA 2 mod is now the only method to experience the horror of zombie survival; a standalone version of the game is about to be released.

A Good Match For: Those seeking a genuine zombie survival experience rather than merely an action game in which zombies serve as the player’s substitute for aliens or other monsters. Those who are able to master a first-person game that is more complex than the typical shooter.

Not For Those Looking For: An Exciting, Quick Experience. Being built on a serious warfare simulator, the game isn’t exactly “pick up and play” and might drag at times.


There aren’t enough good official Battlestar Galactica games in the world. The creators of Diaspora, which transforms the dated space shooter Freespace 2 into a Viper simulator that rivals any commercial space shooter, are so to be thanked by the Lords of Kobol. There aren’t many of the typical problems with mods of this type, including bad voice acting or a lack of polish. It’s wonderful.

Fans of Battlestar and space shooters would get along well.

Not For Those Who Want: A Battlestar experience that is genuinely cinematic. Although the developers did an excellent job, you shouldn’t expect any appearances by the show’s cast in guest parts.


Yes, there have been many copycats throughout the years, but let’s not forget that League of Legends was initially inspired by a mod. a Warcraft III mod, of all things. The basic experience is still as powerful as it ever was, and there are still plenty of players around to play against, even though it is getting a little dated graphically.

A Good Match For: History enthusiasts and those curious about the origins of the MOBA genre.

Not For: People who wish to treat this with a little more gravity. More recent adaptations, such as Riot’s League of Legends and Valve’s DOTA 2, are already attracting players and attention.

European Front

Although it was difficult, I ultimately had to choose Eastern Front over Modern Combat. Germans, Americans, and later the British were the only three legitimate sides in the original Company of Heroes. zero Soviets. You should download this mod because it not only provides new units but goes above and above to make Company of Heroes 2 as authentically Soviet as possible. While Company of Heroes 2 corrects this, it is still not as fantastic as the original game.

A Good Match For: Players looking for a fresh challenge and experience who are a little weary of the game’s current factions. For cheapskate who don’t want to pay for Company of Heroes 2, there is also a completely free method to play as the Soviets in the Company of Heroes games.

All the enhancements in Company of Heroes 2 Are Not For Those Who Want Them: This is still based on the original Company of Heroes, so even while there have been significant changes made to everything from units to terrain, it won’t be a direct replacement for CoH2, especially in terms of things like the new cutting-edge weather systems.

Multiplayer in Just Cause 2

This goes beyond just a simple tweak. It’s an experiment with video games. Over 1000 players may fit on one huge area, resulting in some of the funniest and most intense multiplayer games this medium has ever seen. You won’t ever again consider 64 players to be “a lot” after playing one game of this.

A Good Match For: Jokers, griefers, and individuals who are ready for the weird and unpredictable things that will happen when so many people congregate on one map.

Not For Those Who Desire: A Time of Quiet, Peace. There are no calm, serene moments in this mod.

The Unnamed Mod

Deus Ex has been completely transformed by The Nameless Mod, which also enhances the aesthetics and creates a brand-new world filled with tens of thousands of lines of spoken dialogue and five different endings. It’s a startling accomplishment that transforms this from a fan-made endeavor into one that feels official.

A Good Match For: People who long for the past, when a Deus Ex game was slightly more ugly but also significantly more sophisticated.

Not For Those Who Want: A fresh Deus Ex, perhaps.

At Fate’s Edge: Nehrim

The amount of work that went into this makes me cringe. Regardless of the Elder Scrolls game they are for, the majority of mods add to the existing environment. Nehrim creates an entirely new “campaign” with new scenery, structures, cities, and even a new plot. Not even in the Elder Scrolls world is it set!

A Good Match For: RPG enthusiasts seeking a beautiful, engaging, and easily accessible title that is not based in the Elder Scrolls universe.

An Elder Scrolls video game is not for those who want! The only things it has in common with Oblivion are its aesthetic assets because this is a brand-new universe and narrative.


NeoTokyo is not just one of the oldest modifications on this list, but it’s also one of the prettiest. It’s tough, old as boots, and completely uncompromising. Anyone who has ever wanted to blast their way through a dystopian future Tokyo but never had the chance must play this Half-Life 2 mod, which is made to appear like the best anime you’ve ever seen. due to, well, reality.

A Good Match For: Gamers who prioritize quick response times, such as those who enjoy Counter-Strike. Even the art design alone is worth a look.

Not For The Wanted: A laid-back shooter. This is challenging, especially for new players who have never played the game before.

Restoring The Sith Lords

Knights of the Old Republic’s sequel was a colossal letdown. Not because the material was bad; it was actually rather good! Simply said, not everything was there. The absence of certain game elements, particularly near the conclusion, makes players feel underwhelmed. This project completes a game that was left unfinished. Although it goes against my “must be transforming experience” guideline for this list, it is included because what it does saves and restores a fantastic game that I wouldn’t otherwise recommend. Just.

A Good Match For: Star Wars enthusiasts who may be hoping for a more engaging experience than the Old Republic MMO and who may have been turned off by KOTOR 2’s unimpressive pre-mod reaction.

A contemporary Star Wars RPG is not for those who want it. Going back to these games after, say, Mass Effect demonstrates how much BioWare’s systems have advanced (despite the fact that Obsidian handled this particular game).

Galactic Warfare in Star Wars

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is converted into a Star Wars game by Galactic Warfare. With the exception of the strange infantry shuffle, every aspect of the game has changed, including the levels, weapons, and sound. This is the closest you’re going to get to playing multiplayer Star Wars games today given the dearth of new Battlefront games.

A Good Match For: Shooter enthusiasts who secretly realize they’ll probably never receive a new Battlefront game but yet wish for one.

Not For Those Who Want: Battlefront’s straight replacement. Considering that this is based on Modern Warfare, battlefields are constrained and team sizes are (relatively) tiny.

Total War in the Third Age

I adore Total War. For example, Darthmod’s redesign of Empire is my personal favorite mod, but that doesn’t count for this list. The amazing Third Age mod, which guts Medieval: Total War 2 and replaces it with an epic strategy game directly from Peter Jackson’s first Lord of the Rings trilogy, is what really counts. For a version that pitted Rohirrim against Orcs, Medieval 2’s huge army proportions and melee warfare were created.

A Good Match For: Anyone who was dissatisfied with the more “intimate” style of earlier EA RTS games and wants to command the enormous armies of Middle Earth.

The same sort of “easy” experience you got from EA’s games is not for those who want it. The Total War series is a little more time-consuming and complex (and brain cells).

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