The title of this editorial was “The top 10 reasons not to smoke marijuana”. As I continued to research, I discovered that there were only five reasons not to smoke marijuana. I had to change the title. Surprised to discover that certain areas, such as pregnancy, where I believed marijuana was harmful for you were misunderstood. We will now discuss the five main concerns about marijuana and the truth regarding its positive or negative effects on your health.

– Addictive

As a teenager, I remember smoking pot and learning to make reasons for my addiction. There are many reasons to smoke marijuana. These include “it’s not addictive”, “it doesn’t cause anxiety”, “it won’t make you sick”, “it won’t last you a week and you can get twice as much in one night at a bar”, and other. Despite the fact that marijuana isn’t addictive physically, it can be addictive mentally. The euphoria from marijuana can lead to a craving for it. What started out as a once-a-week thing may become a daily thing in the evenings after work. This could potentially make it all-day, even going to school or work. buy the best weed online in canada

Although this isn’t something all marijuana smokers do it is quite common. Let me explain the difference between mental and physical addiction if you’re still confused. Consider your own addiction. It could be a video game (World of Warcraft), a game system (PS3 and Xbox), TV show (American Idol), shopping, or any other activity you love that you can be paid to do. Imagine that you have been banned from doing this again. This is how marijuana addiction feels when people are trying to quit. It’s possible, you know, but it is not something you want to do.

– Physical limitations

The obvious stuff. Driving while drunk is more dangerous than driving while you’re stoned. If pulled over, you will be charged with a DUI. This is dangerous, so it’s best to avoid it. Avoid working in hazardous environments or where manual labor is required. Also, your speech may be affected. You talk slower. It takes you longer to formulate a response. Sometimes your responses can be inappropriate or stupid. If you’re going to give a presentation or have a customer service job then it is a bad idea to smoke weed before you do. You should think about the consequences of smoking weed before you decide to do it. If you don’t drink before you go to work, then you shouldn’t smoke weed before you go to work.

– Sexual function

The most common reason marijuana “should” not be used is because of its sexual function. Research has shown that this is also the main reason why it should be. Studies show that a stoned person’s ability to erecinate is reduced up to three days after their last use of marijuana. Even if you manage to get it up, it is likely that your ability to hold it down will be greatly diminished. This can result in embarrassing situations. Although there is concern about long-term effects of long-term marijuana use, all studies have shown that sexual function can be restored after just 15 to 30 days. This is true even for long-term users. Some evidence also suggests that male enhancement (either pills or exercises) reduces some dysfunction. However, no formal studies have been done. buy the best weed online in canada

– Reproductive concerns

The most shocking thing I learned about marijuana’s effects on the reproductive system was what I discovered. Rebekah Hudgins MA, Kevin Nugent PhD, Melanie C. Dreher PhD, and Kevin Nugent PhD, conducted a major study that found no adverse effects on the development of children whose mothers had smoked marijuana in pregnancy. Some mothers smoked as many as NINE joints every day. This is hard to believe considering alcohol syndrome, which refers to the debilitating effects of alcohol on children whose mothers consumed alcohol during pregnancy. These children were tested at three different ages: one, three, thirty, and five years. NONE of the results showed any developmental or health problems. This finding was confirmed by other studies. However, the negative effect that is of concern is that males who have smoked marijuana may produce less sperm. This makes it harder for women to get pregnant.

– Social issues

This is the most important thing for users of marijuana. We’ll quickly address it. Except for medical reasons, marijuana use in the United States is strictly prohibited. You must decide if it is worth it to use marijuana. You could lose your job and your friends may be disappointed if you are caught. Children may be taken from you if you are caught. If you are caught, you could lose everything. Another concern is that if you get caught, you could lose everything you have.

Although this information was initially intended to discourage marijuana use it ended up being more informative than anything. You now have the information you need to make an informed decision about whether you want to use or not marijuana.