At-Home Diagnostic Services – Improve your Customer Experience

COVID-19 has caused people to stay at home, limiting their outdoor activities and preventing them from traveling for several months. Recent surveys have shown that home diagnostic services are in high demand as more people are staying put due to the pandemic. Many people are now fixing their appliances, including refrigerators, washers, and dryers that they never would have thought of.

Because of the fears of the pandemic spreading to other areas, people are reluctant to visit hospitals and clinics to get diagnostics tests. Since the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in demand for home-based diagnostics and medical check-ups as well as lab tests.

Quest Diagnostics is one of America’s most trusted providers of diagnostic information services. They now offer COVID-19 antibody testing using blood samples. The Food and Drug Administration issued emergency authorization for the use of coronavirus testing from Quest Diagnostics, which allows individuals to collect their samples at home. Customers can enjoy social isolation and have their vital medical checks done at home with home diagnostic services.

Home Diagnostics Market Trends During Pandemic

La Jolla Vein Care in San Diego has launched an at-home ultrasound imaging service. This is to treat those who were at home during the pandemic and could have suffered from corresponding health problems.

There is an increasing demand for home diagnostic services as more people are forced to live at home. Many vulnerable patients were present long before the outbreak of coronavirus. However, the number was much smaller. “With the pandemic, more people will likely recognize the benefits of home diagnosis so there will more demand,” Dr. Aragona, Prescription doctor, an online medicine delivery platform.

After months of disruption caused by COVID-19, things are slowly returning to normal. A recent Locus On the Ground report shows a huge jump in the sector of health diagnostics in April. For their routine tests, people are increasingly turning to at-home diagnostics services.

Consumers prefer to book medical appointments through mobile apps and choose the time that is most convenient for them. 46% of US consumers prefer scheduling appointments via email, an internet platform, or a mobile application, while only 38% offer digital self-scheduling. Consumers expect regular updates on service requests. This includes all updates via SMS/email/App Notifications, Live Tracking & ETA.

These trends indicate that healthcare companies will need to offer time-slot reservations and digital home services in the future. It is also an opportunity for third-party Northwest haulage companies to partner with healthcare organizations and offers home-diagnostics services as a managed service. Businesses must now prepare for the future and redesign their supply chains to meet the increasing demand for home diagnostics services.

Customers want a trusted home diagnostics service that offers a safe and secure customer experience. Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in distinguishing the best home services and ordinary ones.

How can Logistics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers help in improving the customer experience for home diagnostics services?

  • Smart scheduling orders

Online appointment scheduling software allows home service providers to allow clients to book appointments when they are most convenient. Mobile-friendly interfaces are becoming a major trend in online scheduling software as smartphones increasingly replace desktops. Many appointment booking apps offer contactless online payment options. Customers can pay for appointments online or at the time by calling their phone.

  • Effective route planning

AI allows logistics personnel to make it easy to manage their home diagnostics service tasks. AI can plan task routes and assign riders in minutes. This saves time and reduces the mileage.

  • Time-slot management

Companies can now implement a time slot-based home service. This allows consumers to select a time slot to have their home diagnostics, sample collection, or medical checkups. Logistics managers can efficiently assign tasks to staff by using customer-preferred timeslots.

  • Status updates and live tracking

Customers can also have complete visibility through new-age home service apps, which offer end-to-end visibility to their appointments online via live tracking and timely status reports. Customers can track the ETA of their tasks and communicate with executives on the ground. Live tracking helps logistics managers keep track of ongoing tasks and take prompt action if there is a deviation from the schedule.

COVID-19 has pushed businesses to offer more convenience to their customers and reinforced the fact that great customer service is a key differentiator for home services players. With the help of AI-based SaaS solutions, healthcare providers can stand out from their competitors by offering at-home diagnostics or looking to expand into this market.

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